Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dreamin' Shower Invitation

My husband works for a great company.  And, he just loves the people he works with, too.  One woman in particular has always made his job a bit easier, which makes my life better, too.  So, when she got engaged, Jeff and I really wanted to throw her a couples' wedding shower.

We're going to use fall colors for the shower with mums and pumpkins as decorations.  This Dreamin' paper pack went great with that theme.  Congratulations Andrea and Jonathan!  We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Products Used:
Dreamin' Level 2 Paper Pack, X7142B
Chocolate Cardstock, X5643
Colonial White Cardstock, 1388
My Acrylix Harvest Happiness, C1463
Chocolate Ink, Z2111
Goldrush Ink, Z2123
Barn Red Ink, Z2104
Cricut Art Philosophy Collection, Z1686

Friday, September 23, 2011

Judy Cards

My mother-in-law, Judy, is classy and elegant.  She asked me to make a few sample cards for her that she may order for her friends as Christmas gifts.  So, I made these cards with clean, classic lines and handsome colors.  They just "looked" like her.

If you'd like personalized, custom cards, I'm happy to discuss options with you.  Contact me today for a sample.  Or, I'll share my recipes with you and help you order the products you need to make them yourself!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spooky Banner

I just love Halloween.  You get to pretend to be anyone you want.  The cooler temps, pumpkins and hayrides are all favorites for my family.  We like to decorate indoors, as well as out.  I made the below Spooky Banner following CTMH's on-line instructions (under Ideas & Inspiration, Workshops on the Go, Mischief, Bonus Project).  It was pretty simple and I love the finished project.  The details are really amazing, this photo doesn't do it justice.

The banner hung from my family room mirror.

The mantle in our family room all "spooked" out!

I have room for one more person at my Spooky banner workshop this Tuesday, September 27th at 7 p.m.  Contact me if you'd like to come!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Lanyards

Are you ready for some football?

The smell of leaves, the start of school, cooler temperatures and football all signify my favorite season, Fall!  Okay, so this year it was more like heat, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods that signified Northern Virginia's start of Fall, but whatevs.

Both of my sons are playing flag football this year, same team.  That means one practice and one game a week...Hoo Ya!  As a way to get to know the players and parents, I made these lanyards for the parents to wear. 

Each player has a lanyard with their photo, shirt number and name on the front.  On the back, each child's name, jersey number and parents' names are listed in a table.  That way, when #1 scores a touchdown or #12 snatches a flag, everyone can cheer, "Go Alex!" or "Go Joshua!"  The schedule and coach's information is also listed on the back for convenience.  Then I laminated the cards, tied some plastic lace around it, added a few football beads and lanyards.  Just something simple, but all the other teams are jealous!  :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Days

My baby started kindergarten last week.  Sniff.  I felt a mixture of excitement and sadness at how quickly he's growing up.  CTMH has a fabulous paper pack, Typeset, that's just perfect for school photos.  So, I did a three layout workshop last week to document my official "free time" now that both boys are in school.  Here are the finished products:

Alex, the "baby" starting kindergarten.
Magic: Charmed

My Joshua, who started second grade.
Magic: Magician's Choice
Finally, a page of both boys for "my" scrapbook!
Magic: Illusion

Supplies Used:
Typeset Level 2 Paper Pack, X7139B
Colonial White Cardstock, 1388
Typeset Complements Canvas Shapes, X7139C
Color-Ready Alphabets - Cork, Z1450
Milepost Shapes, Z1464
Cocoa Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad, Z2114
Cocoa Exclusive Inks Re-Inker, Z2214
Cocoa Exclusive Inks Pen, Z2314
Stipple Brush from the Texture Tools, Z1298

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skype Me!

Technology and I are often adversaries.  That's partly my fault and partly Technology's fault.  See, we just don't think alike.  Technology is so precise; you have to do things "just so" to make him work right.  I want to do things my way and have Technology read my mind and figure out how to make it happen.  Code? Please, give me intuition!  That's what I expect from the men in my life (right, Jeff?).

One of my good friends and customers, Jenn Rau, moved out to California a few months ago.  After she bought her new house, she said, "We'll have to do workshops via Skype."  To which I cheerily replied, "Absolutely, that would be so much fun!"  But, really I was thinking, "I'm never gonna see this girl's face again."  Technology and I just don't see eye to eye and I thought Jenn and I weren't going to anymore either. 

Installing Skype was actually incredibly easy.  Technology prompted me with all of these questions and I answered yes to all of them, whether I knew what he was talking about or not.  I even took a photo of myself to go next to my account name and tested the audio.  Technology and I were sympatico, finally understanding each other for the first time.  Or, was he just leading me on, making me think I could actually use him?  I figured there'd be some kind of glitch when I actually tried to make him work at last night's Typeset Workshop.  Four of my "regulars" were over, including Jenn's sister, Audrey, so at least I was in supportive company for when this whole thing flopped in my face.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I dialed Jenn's number and she actually appeared!  Jenn gave us a tour of her gorgeous new home.  A home which did not look like it was newly moved into...paintings hung, everything decorated and Jenn caught up in all of her scrapbooking, I don't know where the woman gets the energy.  Anyhow, I digress, we were able to converse, crop and even hear a concert performed by her youngest with the help of a new Dora guitar.  All this made possible by Mr. Wonderful-Technology.

Here's a photo of the girls cropping...with Jenn on Skype!