Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skype Me!

Technology and I are often adversaries.  That's partly my fault and partly Technology's fault.  See, we just don't think alike.  Technology is so precise; you have to do things "just so" to make him work right.  I want to do things my way and have Technology read my mind and figure out how to make it happen.  Code? Please, give me intuition!  That's what I expect from the men in my life (right, Jeff?).

One of my good friends and customers, Jenn Rau, moved out to California a few months ago.  After she bought her new house, she said, "We'll have to do workshops via Skype."  To which I cheerily replied, "Absolutely, that would be so much fun!"  But, really I was thinking, "I'm never gonna see this girl's face again."  Technology and I just don't see eye to eye and I thought Jenn and I weren't going to anymore either. 

Installing Skype was actually incredibly easy.  Technology prompted me with all of these questions and I answered yes to all of them, whether I knew what he was talking about or not.  I even took a photo of myself to go next to my account name and tested the audio.  Technology and I were sympatico, finally understanding each other for the first time.  Or, was he just leading me on, making me think I could actually use him?  I figured there'd be some kind of glitch when I actually tried to make him work at last night's Typeset Workshop.  Four of my "regulars" were over, including Jenn's sister, Audrey, so at least I was in supportive company for when this whole thing flopped in my face.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I dialed Jenn's number and she actually appeared!  Jenn gave us a tour of her gorgeous new home.  A home which did not look like it was newly moved into...paintings hung, everything decorated and Jenn caught up in all of her scrapbooking, I don't know where the woman gets the energy.  Anyhow, I digress, we were able to converse, crop and even hear a concert performed by her youngest with the help of a new Dora guitar.  All this made possible by Mr. Wonderful-Technology.

Here's a photo of the girls cropping...with Jenn on Skype!

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