Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Lanyards

Are you ready for some football?

The smell of leaves, the start of school, cooler temperatures and football all signify my favorite season, Fall!  Okay, so this year it was more like heat, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods that signified Northern Virginia's start of Fall, but whatevs.

Both of my sons are playing flag football this year, same team.  That means one practice and one game a week...Hoo Ya!  As a way to get to know the players and parents, I made these lanyards for the parents to wear. 

Each player has a lanyard with their photo, shirt number and name on the front.  On the back, each child's name, jersey number and parents' names are listed in a table.  That way, when #1 scores a touchdown or #12 snatches a flag, everyone can cheer, "Go Alex!" or "Go Joshua!"  The schedule and coach's information is also listed on the back for convenience.  Then I laminated the cards, tied some plastic lace around it, added a few football beads and lanyards.  Just something simple, but all the other teams are jealous!  :)

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