Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Fun

School's out for the summer!

My kindergarten and second grade boys have mixed feelings about the end of this school year.  They both had absolutely incredible teachers who we are all going to miss, but who doesn't love summer days spent at the pool and playing outside?

Here's a photo of Joshua (7) and Alex (6) on our way to school Friday.  They look quite sweet and subdued, right?

Now, check out these sweaty smiles in the below two photos of them with good friends later that night:

I had to enlarge that first evening photo for two reasons.  First, it's the cutest photo...all of the kids are smiling and looking at the camera.  Second, check out that awesome SUMMER FUN banner that my good friend, Betsy Henry created.  And, she created it all without sewing! Pinking shears and Stitch Witch did the trick.  Thanks for a great family night celebrating the end of the school year, Betsy!

I hope you have lots of summer plans with good friends, too.  Let the summer fun begin!

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