Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Six Weeks of Halloween, Week 5: Jane-o-lantern Plate

Thanks to Fancy Melissa for the inspiration for this decorative plate using Chalkboard Vinyl and the CTMH Cricut Artrist Cartridge!

I've been wanting an excuse to use my CTMH Chalkboard Vinyl ever since I bought it in August.  I tend to hoard products and just hadn't figured out the best way to use it.  After I found this bright orange charger at my local craft store and saw Melissa's awesome post a few weeks ago, I knew I'd found my excuse!

Why do pumpkins usually look masculine?  Living with three males (husband and two sons, just to clarify!), I wanted some girl power in the house.  While the pumpkin's face is gender neutral (I cut out the Chalkboard Vinyl with Artiste, Accent 2 Boo at 6 3/4 inches), adding a Black Tulle Ribbon bow and a paper flower (left over from the witch's hat I'd made last week) added a feminine touch.

Who says Halloween has to be scary?  I think this pumpkin is rather sweet!

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  1. so stinkin' cute! Love the bow.

    1. Thanks Melissa. I took it to Career Day at my boys' school today. The fourth and fifth graders got the Jane-o-lantern joke but the first graders stared at me like I had worms coming out of my mouth!